Hi, I'm Yojans Portal, 

When we founded our Miami-based business back in 2011, my team and I found out very quickly that we had to intimately know our customers and treat them as partners and friends. Despite our rapid growth, we constantly go back to these core values, and we can't envision any other way of doing business.  The staff at Tones Products is the best in the business.  We strive to make sure that everyone has the training and knowledge needed to implement this level of service for all our customers.

People always ask me what the best investment this company has ever made.  The answer is and always will be the same....It's the investment we make each and every day in our relationships with our customers and employees. We are constantly striving to make this company better by finding new and different ways to serve both stakeholders. It's worked since we founded the company and we suspect it will continue to work far into the future.

Thank you for making this all possible.



Yojans Portal, CEO Tones