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Unleash Your Feminine Charm with Coquette Nails ūüéÄ

The delicate Coquette mani is a 2024 nail trend that’s riding the coattails of Balletcore and Barbiecore. In the ever-evolving beauty space, bows have become the focal point of creativity, and nail artists are seizing this trend with unparalleled finesse. The Coquette mani, a standout in the 2024 nail gives nails a touch of delicate allure.
Embrace the essence of cutesy girliness as you indulge in the Coquette aesthetic, characterized by a palette of pale pinks, creamy whites, and intricate details like bows and pearls. Transform a classic French nail into a playful and feminine masterpiece by adorning it with a delicate bow. Coquette-style nails are a celebration of soft hues, featuring shades of pink and milky whites, accompanied by charming bow and an abundance of pearl accents.

Elevate your nail game effortlessly with this delightful trend that seamlessly blends tradition with a playful contemporary twist, all achievable with the help of Tones products.

White Pearl Chrome Effect
Gel Painting #1
Gel Painting #4
Platinum Gel Painting #4
Platinum Gel Painting #12
Plastiline Molding Gel# 1
Plastiline Molding Gel #5
Plastiline Molding Gel #13
Gel Paste #3
Gel paste #5
Coverland Pink & Whites
Fashion Gel ‚Äď Pinks
Gel Polish Kit - Pink
Rubber Base Gel Kit ‚Äď En Pointe
Rubber Base Gel Kit ‚Äď Pretty in Pink

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