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What’s the deal with Millennial Pink?

At first glance, it seems unassuming, doesn't it? It resembles a delicate blush, a rosy beige with hints of coral, or perhaps a grungy shade of pink. Yet, there's an intriguing edge to this hue, as if a touch of gray has been blended in, or its saturation has been tempered by a somber mood.
Above all, it’s a pink that’s not too pink.


 Millennial pink emerged, infused with nuances of salmon and gray, presenting a unique challenge to categorize. Its appearance evokes a subtle discomfort yet leaves one feeling entirely refreshed. In the 1980s, it was known as "dusty rose" or "dirty pink," and it seemed to saturate every facet of life.

This pink exudes an androgynous charm unlike its predecessors, rendering it a "safe" pink. It's no wonder that both men and women, as well as fashion and interior designers alike, have embraced it. Far from mundane, this classic nail color carries an undeniable allure.

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