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Pantone 2024 Color of the Year – Peach Fuzz

In the realm of colors, 2024 introduces the captivating shade of peach fuzz—an inviting blend of pinkish-orange, described as gentle and warm.  While you might already be contemplating how to weave it into your spring decor or wardrobe, Pantone's latest pick also emerges as the perfect hue for stunning manicures.


Peach fuzz boasts soft, neutral undertones, seamlessly blending with both nude and vibrant colors. Its standout feature lies in its versatility, offering a broad spectrum of shades catering to various styles. From sherbet tones to pastels and even neon variants, the options are aplenty. Moreover, peach presents a canvas for diverse nail designs, accommodating both minimalist and ornate preferences—there's a look tailored for everyone's tastes.

If you're seeking inspiration or a compelling reason to embrace this sherbet shade, the selection of nail designs—such as ombre, swirls, reverse french, invisible french, or aura—serves as a fantastic starting point to explore the charm of peach-infused manicures.

Looking for peach fuzz nail products?  These Tones products are the perfect peach fuzz shade to help you achieve stunning peach-inspired manicures effortlessly.


Rubber Base Gel Color #51         Gel Polish #44                Coverland - "Fresh Bellini"



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