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A Modern Twist on a Timeless Classic: Floating French

French manicures have held their place as a timeless nail classic. However, it's time to break free from tradition and elevate your nail game with the trendsetting Floating French. Instead of the conventional white top stripe, infuse a touch of modernity by opting for a floating line in different colors. The result? A look that remains minimal and classic, yet exudes a contemporary twist.


Photos by Alla Kravchenko


This fresh style introduces the line towards the center, providing a unique visual appeal. Using a thin brush, delicately float each "tip" towards the center of the nail, creating a captivating striped effect. The Floating French offers a low-risk entry into the realm of nail art, allowing you to experiment with a hint of color without making a bold statement.

 Given that a floating French is the inverse of a typical painted tip, start with a neutral base color with ample coverage to conceal the natural free edge of your nail. For optimal coverage and to achieve the perfect floating tip, consider incorporating these Tones products into your nail care routine.  

Gel Brush Bundle
Gel Painting
Rubber Base Gel Kit – En Pointe
Tones Gel Polish Line

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